The Benefits of Using Audio Visual in Education

A good teacher is worth their weight in gold, but high-quality teaching aids are also important to create a positive and stimulating learning environment. Here we’ll explore how AV technology can be used to support learning in the education sector, and which audio visual products may be best suited to your needs.

Create a multisensory world

Some people are visual learners, while others prefer to listen. Many students respond well to the written word, while others like to get physical, moving around the classroom to absorb the lessons being learned. A good teacher will adapt their approach to suit different learning styles, but appropriate audio visual technology can lend a helping hand.

With the right visuals and soundtrack, you can recreate scenes from history by showing films and videos, let students interact with written content as you conduct a lesson using an interactive flat panel, and even participate physically in virtual worlds with electronic games, augmented reality and VR technology. Projectors and screens, interactive whiteboards and flat panels, audio speakers and ICT suites can all play their part in creating this multimedia, multisensory learning environment that will cater for learners of all types.

Engage with your students

Not every student is naturally academic, and for many, classrooms can be boring and unstimulating places. With some imagination and good use of technology, however, it’s possible to capture and retain these students’ interest. Learning is more effective when students get involved in the lesson rather than listening passively. Enhance your learning environment with interactive flat panels like our best-selling BenQ RM series 4k, and you can bring your subject alive, encourage class participation and even turn your subject matter into a game.

As digital natives, today’s secondary school students have grown up interacting with technology like smartphones and tablets every day. They may find it easier to relate to new information if it’s presented in a way they can engage with. Using audio visual technology in the classroom will also help them to prepare for life after education, in a workplace that is infused with digital technology in every sector.

Promote collaboration and communication

One of the big advantages of today’s audio visual learning technology is that it can bring people together like never before. AV educational equipment like interactive screens allows for better collaboration in class, and introducing an interactive element using digital whiteboards and flat panels invites students to join in and get involved, rather than sitting bored at the back.

But the impact of collaborative AV technology can also stretch far beyond the walls of the classroom. Interactive screens with video conferencing capabilities can connect your class with students from across the globe, or allow for a one-to-one with anyone from actors to astronauts! Used well, AV technology will make the world a smaller place while also opening up possibilities for learners.

And the possibilities don’t end there. Too often, people stay within their class or year, not mixing with other sections of their school, college or university. But a lot is to be gained from more interaction, and innovations like video walls can provide a way to bring everyone together, displaying important announcements or simply sharing whatever’s new and interesting at the time. Students could even be encouraged to create new content for the video wall – a 21st century version of the noticeboard.

Update your AV with Protech

Here at Protech, we offer a huge selection of teaching aids and tools for the education sector. With the summer holidays approaching it’s a great time to install or upgrade AV equipment in schools. We offer a complete AV installation and equipment maintenance service, so contact us today to get a quote.