Projectors and Screens

Projectors and screens are one of our most commonly requested solutions. We install Ultra short-throw, standard-throw (DLP or LCD) and interactive projectors in the last 10 years in environments such as classrooms, boardrooms, conference rooms, theatres, school halls and residential premises.

Example manufacturers include Hitachi, Panasonic, NEC and Epson. The majority of projectors support HD.

We also supply replacement projector lamps. Find out more HERE.

Screen installs are primarily mechanised electric screens such as Euroscreen and Elite Screens, to name a few. However, the larger screens primarily 3, 4, 6 and 8m are Italian-imported Screenline screens for their quality of manufacture.

For all your requirements for projectors and screens please contact one of our product specialists on 0844 209 6768

Ultra Short-Throw Projectors

Traditional ceiling mounted projectors are mounted 2.5-3.5m from the screen surface. These are still appropriate solutions for some spaces. Alternatively the latest versions create superb quality images from just 40cm away, eliminating shadows and light blindness when addressing the audience.

Standard Throw Projectors

These projectors are ceiling mounted approximately 2-3 metres from the projection surface when in a classroom environment. However this distance very much depends on the size of the screen. Whilst very robust and durable, they can cast a shadow in front of the board by the presenter and so we would recommend the use of ultra-short-throw projectors where possible.

Interactive Projectors

Interactive Projectors essentially mimic the function of an interactive whiteboard on any surface where the image is projected. This allows the presenter to interact with the projected image using fingers or an electrical or mechanical stylus. Some interactive projectors allow user generated information to be captured, replayed, printed or copied with or without the original projected image.

Tab tensioned electric screen

These screens are primarily used for the home cinema environment. The tab-tensioned nature of the screen gives a perfectly flat surface with no curved edges.

Non-interactive screen with built-in signage solution

The BenQ display is the perfect conference room solution. It comes in a variety of sizes and has dual-purpose of an in-built signage player as well as InstaQShare software, which enables the presenter to connect their device wirelessly via an app which will then push the content onto the screen with no need for cables! This coupled with InstaShow, also gives the ability to push content from a mobile device without having to download an exe. file or app. For more information, call 01923 235 377 or email [email protected]


DDD Limited – New office build meeting room solutions

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We installed a 2.4m tab-tensioned 16:9 electric screen in the living room of this refurbished residential property, along with an Epson EB2250u 5000 lumen WUXGA projector. HDMI was distributed from a Sky Q box as well as various Sky Q mini boxes from a central location. This was done via Cat6 to the projector, as well […]



The Client: A home owner of a 4 bedroom detached house. The Brief: The client was looking to upgrade their home entertainment system and asked us to advise on the best equipment to ‘future-proof’ the system so that they will be able to add to it as technology changes. The Solution: We replaced the old […]