Audio Solutions

From new audio surround sound in pubs and bars to larger presentation systems in school halls or corporate training rooms, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with top-quality, first-class audio solutions.

Our project successes span background music, public address systems, education and studio. We have supplied and installed bespoke audio solutions including amplification, mixers (either DSP or analogue) and incorporating wireless microphone capabilities and multi-channel input such as CD players and MP3 players. Example manufacturers include Ecler, AMC, Senneiser, Shure and Cloud.

Below are examples of some of the more popular audio solutions we install. It is not  an exhaustive list as we always provide solutions based on the individual needs of the customer. This can vary for each set-up.

For more information about a system that would meet your bespoke needs, please send us more details by clicking the button below;

Audac LX503 MK2

This is an example of an active audio solution, used in classrooms for sound reinforcement. The LX503MK2 is a 3-way stereo loudspeaker system consisting of an active and passive unit to be linked with each other. It offers an easy and flexible solution for a wide variation of applications, producing a clear and powerful sound. The integrated amplifier is capable of delivering a power of 2 x 40 Watt and has a line level input allowing the speaker system to be directly connected to audio sources such as CD-players, DVD players, laptops, MP3 players or many other line level audio sources.

Ecler AUDEO 106

These speakers can be used in 8 ohm or 100 volt line making them great for using in either stereo in meeting rooms or in series as part of a larger PA system. They are also aesthetically pleasing.

Designed by Giugiaro. 2 way full range ABS speaker cabinet. IP 54. 6.5″ woofer and 25mm soft dome tweeter. 50W RMS / 8 ohms. 100V line power taps: 30/15/10/7W. Wall bracket included. Available in black or white.

Cloud Z8 MK4

Zoned mixers are used when an establishment requires different audio in different zones. It is, in effect an audio-matrix. Any input can be pushed to any output either individually or simultaneously. This is ideal for PA systems, as well as pubs, night clubs, hotels and other hospitality venues.

The Cloud Z8MK4 Eight zone mono mixer features 6 music inputs with gain controls, 2 local mic inputs, paging mic input, 8 remote facility inputs, and 8 output zones. The Z8MK4 is a complete solution for multi-zone, multi function venues. With the ability to accept up to six input sources directly such as Media player, MP3, Hardisc, CD, Video, Satellite etc., the Z8MK4 has been developed to act as a user friendly master control for an entire sound system.

AMC iMix63

Used for stereo hall installations where minimal inputs are required. iMIX63 stereo mixer preamplifier for professional applications in background music and public address systems as well as for live music entertainments. 6 balanced COMBO XLR inputs with selectable gain MIC/LINE, three stereo RCA inputs. Phantom power is activated via external dip switch on each universal COMBO XLR input. Priority on first universal input. Low, mid and high tone control. Mono, monitor and master output level control. LED for signal indication in the input, output signal level meter. Balanced XLR stereo output. Balanced 6,3 mm. TRS jack mono and monitor output. Stereo RCA output for recording. Suitable for external 24V DC power supplies.


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