Assist with Funding for Schools

Budget-friendly pricing to assist with funding for schools

Working in the education sector, we understand the pressure of the ongoing squeezing of budgets in schools, colleges and universities. That’s why we are passionate about passing down the generous discounts we receive from our suppliers, directly to our customers. This enables us to provide competitive pricing and assist funding for schools.

As a result of our partnerships with brands such as BenQ, Dell, Hitachi, SMART, Hikvision and other leading brands, we have access to fantastic pricing on many products that schools require to improve their facilities.

We are proud to be able to pass on this supported pricing to our customers and help them to achieve the solutions they need within budget.

Invoice deferment for 2021 Summer Works

After speaking to customers over the last few months, we have come to understand that the pandemic has put a huge strain on school budgets and are sparse at the moment. In some cases, planned summer works are now in contention.

To help you to continue to improve the facilities of your school or college, we have decided to offer an invoice deferment option for any works carried out during the summer holiday period.
We will do the works for you and will hold off on invoicing for them until September 2021, when you will hopefully have access to your new budget. This offer is only available to the education sector.

Checking prices daily

In addition, we innovate constantly for our clients, checking our prices daily and liaising closely with educational clients to ensure that your money is well spent. Our project managers and engineers will ensure that you get seamless, expert installation at an affordable price. It’s what our clients like most about what we do.

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