Sedao Digital Signage Solutions

In her article, featured in AV Magazine,  Zoe Mutter highlights a quote from Hicks, who quite rightly points out that Digital Signage is fulfilling a need in the modern world of interactivity.

“As employees and customers become more digitally progressive they expect the same from the organisations they interact with. Employees need real-time data and recognition, consumers want personalised experiences in digital advertising. Both expect to interact with the organisation through feedback channels and calls to action. All these needs can be met with a smart digital signage strategy.”

Step in Sedao Digital Signage Solutions!

image of sedao digital signage solutions

SadeoLive Rooms – Versatile enterprise room booking system

When we met with Sedao we were absolutely blown away by the user-friendly nature of the system. Everything is geared towards keeping the activation of the system simple and as varied as possible.

From the ease in which the user can create signage from the vast library of templates available and the ease at which players can be added to an online account to the simple drag and drop method of applying a specific signage to a specific screen, there are so many benefits of Sedao digital signage solutions.

For the corporate environment, a key benefit is the the ease in which the Sedao Digital Signage room-booking system can be added to the Sedao account and can incorporate signage as well as room booking information.

  • Unlimited multimedia zones
  • Touchscreen support included as standard
  • Maximum visual impact
  • Cloud-based account
  • Incorporate meeting room booking system
  • Live drag and drop screen layout creation
  • Plays images, web pages, video, live TV, PowerPoint, RSS feeds and more
  • Schedule different layouts at different times of day

As installers of audio visual solutions, we are very aware of swift advancements of digital signage technologies and in our experience, Sedao is one of the forerunners of the available solutions.

We work closely with end users and the Sedao team to ensure a comprehensive solution for your digital signage requirements.