PC peripherals

Protech Solutions aims to provide its busy clients with a single supply source that they can use with confidence, knowing that they’ll be getting the best value for money and after-sales service. This applies to all the PC peripherals, PC accessories and add-ons a school or business might require for the smooth running of its IT systems.

Some of the more popular PC peripherals we are often asked to supply include;

Splitters, switches, routers and cables
Projector lamps
Printer toners
Interactive whiteboard pens
Laptop bags
Tablet cases

See below for more.

Please call 0844 209 6768 or email [email protected] for a price for your specific requirements.


The choice between inkjet and laser printers is driven by considerations such as print volumes and quality. If all you need is the occasional photographic-quality print and a few monochrome documents, then inkjet printers will meet your needs. As soon as print volumes increase, then laser printing becomes a more economical and efficient choice. Small offices may find an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier meets their requirements. Contact us today for more advice.


The rapid fall in costs of LCD monitors has revolutionised the desktop computer experience. At only a few centimetres thick, LCD monitors free up more working space. This is very important in education environments, and can result in improved ergonomics and an improvement in student attainment. Many LCD monitors can be mounted on walls and other vertical surfaces. Other features include touch-screen options and built-in speakers.

Keyboards and Mice

Protech can provide high-quality keyboards and as they are your users’ constant link with a PC and one they may be using for many hours each day, ergonomically-correct versions are available that can help avoid discomfort with prolonged use. Standard and wireless mice are available from basic every-day models up to programmable optical products.


We can offer a range of scanners from standard flat-bed scanners, which are adequate for most schools and institutions, up to all-in-one solutions for busier offices or workplaces. Protech Solutions’ range of HP and Epson scanners includes entry-level flat-bed machines as well as high-resolution scanners that will also handle film.

Other Essentials

Other computer accessories can be supplied by Protech Solutions Ltd. In this interactive multimedia-world let us help you keep up with a range of Bluetooth devices, webcams, USB memory sticks, external hard drives and disc drives, PC audio speakers and port replicators. Contact us today and find out how we can supply you with computer peripherals at a low price.