COVID-19 Technology

Complete COVID-19 technology solutions, designed and delivered by experts across Hertfordshire, London, Home Counties and beyond!

In line with the changing times, we are committed to enabling as smooth-a-transition as possible for businesses and organisations to resume normality for their employees, customers, visitors,  students and staff with our portfolio of COVID-19 technology solutions and installations. We have noticed a surge in requests for thermal imaging technology as well as more comprehensive, user-friending remote conferencing facilities. These solutions mean that operations are not solely dependent on staff being physically present in the building, enabling them to participate in conferences from home or even, the other side of the world if need be. Another very useful solution to assist in safeguarding people entering the building, is digital signage, which easily displays important COVID-19 safety procedures and announcements.

Temperature Screening Cameras

Since spring 2020, thermal camera technology has been deployed in thousands of sites globally in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. The system can quickly and accurately identify people with elevated body temperatures, one of the key symptoms of COVID-19. It provides organizations, campus’ and school buildings with an additional layer of protection against exposure to the Coronavirus. With the possibility of social distancing measures predicted to be in place for a further two years, it is an essential tool to reduce ongoing virus vulnerabilities at any busy workplace. More information about this COVID-19 technology can be found here.

Digital Signage for COVID-19

As COVID-19 impacts lives across the globe, businesses and organisations are being relied upon to keep staff, visitors and customers informed. Digital signage is a very important tool for keeping large audiences informed. Whether screens are deployed in the workplace, staff room, school campus, retail store, public transport or outdoors, these screens are the vehicle for broadcasting important health and safety announcements. Find out more about our Digital Signage solutions here.

Video conferencing

Using MS Teams, Zoom and other video conferencing software has become the norm for many of us during lockdown and has enabled us to have contact with friends and family as well as colleagues in a work capacity. Using these platforms frequently during these times has opened the doors wider for working remotely. Now that we are returning to the workplace, many organisations are benefitting from comprehensive, affordable video conferencing facilities to enable remote attendance to conferences or meetings, in the event of some delegates being unable to attend in person. To have 10 physically-present delegates crowded around one PC or laptop to allow remote workers to join the meeting is not practical so our video conferencing solutions are making it so much more possible for all to attend meetings; physically and remotely.

Why choose us for your COVID-19 technology requirements?

Protech Solutions is a complete bespoke COVID-19 technology installations service, here to provide you with the right solution for your needs by an installer you can trust.

If you would like to know more about our COVID-19 technology services and solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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