Video Wall Installation at TopGolf Watford

The Watford site of Sports Entertainment Company, TopGolf, asked us to supply and install a large-scale video wall in their lounge area to provide a powerful viewing experience for their visitors and guests.

As they are an existing customer of ours and we have completed all of their audio visual work over the past 8 years. we were more than happy to pop in and advise them on the best solution to meet their needs. Following this, we were able to ascertain exactly what they wanted to achieve from the video wall and we proposed a solution using Dahua screens, sourcing them from an Official UK Distributor, Security Dynamics.

The installation comprised of nine 55” high-quality screens, the potential for 24/7 usage, with built-in video wall configuration direct input of SKY TV. The screens have a 1.8mm bezel giving a total screen join of 3.6mm.

Each screen had its own mount which is specifically designed for video walls and they were joined together to form one large mount. The mounting process was not as straight-forward as it might seem as on this occasion, the mounting area wasn’t a flat wall. This meant we had to build a strut frame based on the centre verticle RSJ. We then fixed threaded rod through the external wall – two on each end to steady the frame.

The end result was a flawless image, providing an impressive viewing experience.

For a whistle-stop tour of the installation, have a look at the video below.

Video Wall TopGolf