Description of full solution provided to the new MIIU at the hospital

We were the primary cabling contractor for Vinci Facilities Management. The project involved the design of structured cabling systems to specifications, installing additions and carrying out moves as well as cabling duel networks in any new build areas.

Summary of activities carried out

  • Stripping out the existing temporary cabling and installing network outlets in the new ground floor MMIU.
  • Termination and testing of the UTP network outlets.
  • Installation of termination faceplates and cable connectors at various locations in the operating theatres.
  • Installation of fibre optic structured cabling and multi-core telephone cabling between equipment racks.

Further detail

The existing orange LSOH Cat5e cable installed for phase 1 were stripped out and new purple LSOH Cat5e cable were installed according to drawings. The cables were run in existing cable basket/tray where available and new containment was provided where necessary. A total of 67 outlets were cabled back to the existing BUC 18u wall cabinet installed.

19 of the X-Ray cables were cabled back to the BHT comms room on the 3rd floor of the hospital and were cabled in orange LSOH Cat5e.

All outlets were Fluke tested and a soft copy of test results were issued to the client.