Why did this school move over to a new technology?

Impressed by the Clevertouch hardware, this school decided to make the bold leap away from traditional SMART. As the SMART software is compatible with the Clevertouch hardware, this made it a very viable option for them.

How were they able to continue to use their SMART lesson plans?

We understand that teachers and staff prefer to stick to a software that they know. The fact that they would be able to upload and covert their existing lesson plans into the CleverSuite software was a very welcoming solution for them because it enabled them to complete the transition with ease and convenience.

What did the work entail?

First of all, we installed six 70 ” Clevertouch LED Screens into the KS1 classrooms onto height adjustable mounts. This would enable the children to reach the screen and for it then to be replaced to the correct height for the teacher.

We then went on to install the remaining eight screens throughout the KS2 classrooms onto static wall mounts.  Static wall mounts were more than suitable for the children of KS2 age as they were able to reach the screen. This saved the school a little of their budget.