How we mounted a screen to a weak supporting wall

There are times when the installation of an interactive screen is not as straightforward as you might expect. Particularly with large screens, the weight can exceed 80kg which puts a great deal of stress on the wall but there are ways to mount a screen to a weak wall.

The challenges of installing the screen

When we go out to sites to carry out surveys, one of the things we have to look for is the stability of the mounting wall. We want to make sure that the screen is fixed securely and will not be at risk of falling off the wall.

On this occasion, the wall was not sturdy enough. It was made of single skin plasterboard with tin stud. If it had been made of  timber stud, it would have been strong enough but because it was tin, it simply would not have been able to hold the weight of the 86kg screen. We therefore had to find an alternative way of installing the screen.

In addition to this, there was a radiator on the wall where the screen needed to be positioned so we needed to find a way to install the screen around this.

The solution

We used a floor standing mount, which was bolted into the ground and was able to bear the full weight of the screen.

To get around the obstruction of the radiator, we braced a timber sheet across two of the tin studs (not load-bearing), which also steadied the top of the mount.

The PMV Floor-Wall Mounted stand unit is compatible with multiple screen interfaces and can be set to any height and has a trim to cover floor fixings, giving a professional aesthetic to the finished installation.