Fibre Backbone Installation

This project saw the supply of a new OM4 Fibre Backbone installation to a large school in Hemel Hempstead.

In a nutshell…

Due to new building plans, the foundations would have been in on top of the existing fibre routes so the runs had to be replaced.

We carried out a full fibre backbone installation to 7 buildings.

All existing fibre optic cables to the buildings were stripped out and replaced with OM4 fibre optic armoured cable.

We were able to use the existing underground ducks to facilitate the installation

Ground Works and new Ducts

We supplied and installed 2 new ducts from the existing duct cover in the road way outside and excavated the trenches to approx. 400mm deep and laid new 62mm blue ducting each. Once complete the excavated area was back filled, compacted and new turf laid.

Cat5e Cabling

We installed 12 new double Cat5e network outlets in the far corridor of one of the buildings to replace the outlets which had been fed from the old Comms cabinet.