Extensive CCTV Solution Upgrade for a School

The CCTV installation work we have carried out at this site has been on-going over the last 3 years.

Image of NVR for CCTV solution upgrade

This client is a special needs school, in which the children require additional support due to their higher levels of vulnerability when it comes to safety.

Phase 1

To add 17 ceiling-mounted internal dome IP CCTV cameras as well as 1 high-spec 8-32mm long-throw camera for the main gate. The purpose of this was to increase safeguarding and general security within the building as well as the main pedestrian entrance.

Phase 2

The remit was to increase coverage on vehicles entering, exiting and stationary within the main car park, as well as the main footway where students are dropped off and collected.

This involved repositioning the existing car park cameras to overlap and cover the main footway. In addition, it involved installing 4 new cameras, mounted at a high level to a steel framework that covers the front of the building to fully cover the car park. One of which was a long-throw 8-32mm camera with ANPR facility to cover the main vehicular access.

Images are recorded to the customer’s existing Enterprise server and can be viewed on 2 large 65inch screens within the IT office.