Complete CCTV Installation on a Commercial Property

Our latest CCTV installation required a bespoke security and surveillance solution to provide coverage of an entire grounds of a building. The solution consisted of a total of 61 Hikvision 4MP CCTV cameras and a 64 channel enterprise NVR solution as broken down in the table below;

Recording time

The objective was to achieve continual coverage for the daily 12 hours of permanent activity in the building. Thereafter, it was agreed that the recording time of the cameras would be set to motion sensor activation.


We recommended that the CCTV was run on an independent network to prevent the CCTV from affecting the existing network and vice versa.

The cameras were networked using CAT5e and all network cabling were run internally as much as possible. Where it was not possible, the cabling was housed in conduit.

Just over 3000m of cable (approx 50m per camera) were run in total and each run was networked back to the nearest network cabinet.