What was the brief?

The Harte and Magpie Pub near Amersham was in desperate need of improving the sound for their pub so they came to us asking for an audio installation. Brothers, Steve and Simon have owned the pub for 9 years but for the last few years, the audio hasn’t worked properly which in turn was impacting on the user experience of their customers.

This is just the sort of job we like to do as we understand the importance of respecting the aesthetics of traditional pubs and buildings. We always ensure that our audio installations are done in an unintrusive way and we enjoy the challenge of maintaining the original features of the building.

What did we do?

We started by taking down the old speakers which were in a very bad state. Although there was some sound coming out, the quality and volume were below standard.

The next step was to test the cabling. There were 3 volume controls we took apart to test the cabling and luckily the existing cabling was in good condition. This was good news for the customer as we were able to keep the costs low for them by utilising the cable.

We went on to replace the old amplifier/mixer with a new AMC MMA240X 100v line 5 zone mixer/amplifier.

We then ran 10 x new Ecler Audeo 103 speakers from this amplifier. Each speaker is set at 15 watts at a 100 volt line each.

The customer also made us aware that their outdoor speakers were no longer working so we are pleased to say that we got those working again while we were there.

What was the end result?

The end result was a complete transformation of the atmosphere of the pub with all speakers working splendidly after 4 years without decent sound.