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Leading the way in IT, CCTV and audio-visual equipment and installations


From small sound reinforcement systems in classrooms to larger remote control presentation systems in school halls or corporate training rooms, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a top-quality, first-class solution.

Delighted with our service, Michael Mattley of Top Golf said:

After a tour, Paul Marshall of Protech Solutions recommended the best solution for us with regards to new installation of speakers, amps and a rewire of our current TV system. We were extremely satisfied with Protech’s service and it hasn’t stopped there with follow up visits ensuring the system is performing at its best . . . We would highly recommend Protech and their team of technicians to anyone looking to install any audio visual equipment and we look forward to working with them again…

audioFrom small sound reinforcement systems in classrooms to larger remote control presentation systems in school halls or corporate training rooms, our project successes span background music, public address systems, education and studio. We have supplied and installed bespoke solutions including amplifiers and mixers, incorporating wireless microphone capabilities and multi-channel input such as CD players and MP3 players. Example manufacturers include AMC, Trantec and Cloud.



  • What type of PA system do I need for my hall?Open or Close
    The type of PA system you need for your hall depends upon the size of the hall and the audience and the type of things you need it for. You might regularly have meetings, quiz nights, services of worship, Amateur Dramatic productions, single acts (e.g. singers or entertainers) or larger, loud bands. We have also supplied lots of PA Systems to infant and junior schools, secondary schools and colleges, and know that everyone's needs are different. To give you an accurate recommendation of the best PA system to suit your individual needs, please contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation site survey.
  • Can I have two sets of speakers in different halls, running from the same PA system?Open or Close
    Yes, you can use a Zone mixer. It has two zones, so you can have a pair of speakers in two halls. You can choose whether you want the sound to come out of Zone A, Zone B or both. Call us or email for more details.
  • How do wireless microphones work? Should I get handheld, headset or lapel mics?Open or Close
    A wireless microphone system is also known as a Radio Microphone. You can get handheld, headset and lapel microphones, and can have any number and any combination of them. Handheld mics are best for singers, or if you need to pass the microphone around. Lapel mics are best if the speaker needs to use their hands and won't be moving their head around very much. If your speaker is animated, headset mics are best because they move with the head.

    Wireless microphones all come with a receiver box which you plug into the mixing desk. Handheld mics contains a battery and a wireless transmitter which sends the voice signal to its receiver. The lapel and tie clip versions connect via a short wire to a Belt Pack Transmitter which sends the signal to its receiver, which is then broadcast from the PA System.

    Some wireless microphone systems come with one receiver and two microphones - these are called Dual systems. Some wireless microphone receivers can be built into the PA System, such as that in the Portable PA the TEC076.