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Smart E70 Interactive Flat Panel

Smart E70

Designed specifically for classrooms, the SMART Board® E70 interactive flat panel combines a premium touch experience with the power of SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software on a 177.8cm (70″) display. The high-definition, shadow-free LED display features low-friction coated glass that enables fingers to glide smoothly over the surface, facilitating a natural touch experience. The SMART Board E70 interactive flat panel virtually eliminates glare and provides an optimal view from any angle in the classroom, delivering an unparallelled viewing and writing experience for the best value for classrooms. The multitouch SMART Board E70 interactive flat panel features freestyle multi-user interaction anywhere on the display with Windows® 7 or Windows 8 operating systems, enabling students to collaborate without limitations.

  • Commercial grade, 70” large format LED display
  • Anti-glare, Hardened, Low Friction glass
  • Full HD Resolution increases engagement
  • Includes unlimited SMART Notebook™ software license.
  • 3yr Onsite Warranty once registered.
  • Low maintenance – zero lamp costs compared to whiteboards
  • Why would I want to use an interactive whiteboard?Open or Close
    Interactive whiteboards enable you to transport programs on your computer, its software and the internet into the classroom environment effectively and easily. Any application can be operated on your whiteboard from your computer, for example texts in Microsoft Word could be brought up in an English Literature or Literacy lesson or even try and connect a microscope to your computer in Science lessons and display on your full screen what cells look like through a microscope. You can then even write over the pictures and videos you get from the microscope to save or print or to aid you in teaching.
  • We have never used interactive whiteboards before. How user-friendly is the technology?Open or Close
    The technology is designed to be very user-friendly. Different manufacturers use different software. Educational software is very functional and very user-friendly. We find that when a school is used to a certain software such as SMART, they tend to stick with the same throughout their school as the teachers are trained it the technology which makes it easy to use in each classroom.
  • What is the difference between multi-touch and multi-user interactive whiteboards?Open or Close
    Multi-touch interface allows you to use multiple fingers to manipulate content on the board. You can touch whiteboard at different places at a time to perform a variety of operations through the board surface. The multi touch interactive whiteboard, similar to an interface you experience with a smartphone, leverages you to zoom, resize, scale, and reposition content such as images, documents, and videos, etc. on the whiteboard screen with simple finger tap and touch.
  • What is the difference between membrane and camera technology?Open or Close
    Membrane technology works via a membrane in the board. The board is soft to the touch. If the surface is damaged then the board is damaged. This feature only allows single touch. The newer camera technology works via IR/camera technology along with reflective areas around the edge of the board. The board itself is made of similar material to a standard dry white marker board. The benefit of this is that in theory, the board can also be used as a dry white marker board, which is not possible on the traditional membrane boards. Also, if the board is damaged, it does not necessarily mean the end of it, as it is not the board's surface which holds the interactive technology.
  • What is the average durability and life expectancy of interactive whiteboards?Open or Close
    It is suggested that the average IWB will last for 5 years. However, this is also the average life expectancy of a projector which uses a great deal more heat. Therefore, if the board is treated well, it should in theory, far exceed 5 years.
  • What settings are most suited to the Interactive LED screens?Open or Close
    The screens are ideal for meetings, exhibitions, classrooms, in fact anywhere indoors where you need the assurance of a robust bright screen with the added benefit of interactivity.
  • What are the pros of the Interactive LED screen?Open or Close
    The Interactive LED Screen solution offers great value and a range of screen sizes to meet the needs of your classroom/office as well as your budget. The solution now includes a built-in PC, as well as a height adjustable trolley, so it can be used as a shared resource across the school or organisation.
  • What screen sizes are available?Open or Close
    Screen sizes start from a 32” screen to a huge 84” option.