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BenQ’s Double-Sided Digital Signage

Let us advise you on a double sided digital signage solution and Target Guests Coming and Going

Double-sided digital signage

Flawless Display in Portrait and Landscape View

This double sided digital signage solution is programmed to create tight fixing points between edges, BenQ’s Double-Sided Signage prevents “mura” image distortion, a frequently seen problem in many substandard vertical consumer displays. With Double-Sided Signage, gorgeous, perfect images can be displayed with confidence in either landscape or portrait view.


Ultra Vivid Transparent Imagery Transmission

Enhance the lobby ambience by displaying beautiful artwork within a display, further enhance the experience by displaying information about the artwork directly on the display. With ultra vivid transparent imagery transmission, operators can effortlessly strike that balance between elegance and functionality. Moreover, image transparency levels can be adjusted automatically by measuring light sources within any given space or altered manually to best suit the product on display.

50″ Open Frame Transparent Display|TL500F

Enliven Product Interaction Like Never Before
The TL500F open frame transparent display enables you to customize your very own eye-catching transparent display that goes with various store decorations, showcase boxes or backlight options. With the 50’’ screen supporting portrait mode, the TL500F can be easily adapted into vending machine, virtual fitting room or merchandise showcase box, with your products clearly presented to your customers and messages vividly displayed on the outside screen.

*TL500F is a transparent module ONLY. To create and customize a fully functional display, additional installations and light source are required.

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