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Large Hall AV Video Solution

Large Hall AV Solution

Scope of Works;

For the supply and installation of a new Hall AV solution including a 6m 16/10 ratio Pro electric screen and NEC PA671W 6700 Lumen projector. The Screen was wall mounted to the vertical steel supports, whereas the projector was ceiling mounted (position TBC). HDMI and VGA connections were run from the projector over Cat5e to a flush, wall mounted presentation plate.

Also, for the supply and installation of 6 x Audac PX112 Loudspeakers, which were wall mounted facing the rear of the hall at approx. 10m intervals. The 2 front speakers were run from an Audac 2 channel amplifier, the 4 rear speakers were run from a 4 channel amplifier thus allowing the user to use just the front 2 speakers for smaller presentations. 2 speakon connectors were presented at the front of the hall for possible future use of 1 or 2 Audac Baso15 base drivers for low end reinforcement.

An AMC iMix63, 1u Mixer was installed along with the amplifiers within a new 18u 600mm deep floor standing rack cabinet in the storage area to the front of the hall.

Installation of 2 x wired Microphone antennas for wireless mic usage, due to the possibility of wireless mic signal degradation towards the rear of the hall due to the hall being so big.

NEC PA671W 6700 Lumen Projector

18u 600mm deep Rack cabinet

6m 16/10 ratio Pro electric screen

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