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How would you like to improve the performance of your projectors?

Projector Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your projectors could save you thousands allowing you to spend your budget on other things

With the end of April looming, it’s the start of a new financial year for some.  However, it may not necessarily mean an influx of budgets!  If fact we are aware that for lots of schools and businesses, budgets are tighter than ever.

So as lovely as it is to be able to invest in the latest LED interactive touchscreen equipment, for some this just isn’t an option.

But don’t despair!! There is a way for you to refresh and improve projector performance of each of your units without spending thousands on new ones or replacing them with the latest technology.

What if we told you that we could improve the performance of all your projectors for just £500 per year, saving you a huge £2500 per new screen?

Well I am pleased to say that by allowing us to maintain your existing projectors, we could potentially delay the need for you to replace them by at least another couple of years.

“Well I could probably do this myself” I hear you cry!

I agree, you could certainly do this yourself.

However, for the equivalent of just £10 per week, we could save you the time and effort to do all the work needed to ensure that each and every one of your projectors is performing at it’s absolute best.

For just 2 visits per year, we will not only clean the filters and the lenses of each of your projectors and the screens of your each of your interactive whiteboards, but we will use our expert eye to realign the images too. On top of this, we will record the lamp life and condition of each unit for you to be able to plan in any requirements to upgrade in the future.

So what are you waiting for?  Let us start saving you time and money now and let us take care of your existing equipment and start to improve projector performance of each of your projectors today.

Ask for Projector Maintenance now!

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