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Why is IP CCTV a better option than Analog CCTV?

So what is the difference between IP and Analog CCTV?

Well, put in simple terms, an analog CCTV is a security camera which records the video feed on a device called a Digital Video Recorder.

An Internet Protocol (IP) camera feeds the video stream to an IP address which allows the IP camera to then be recorded over a Network Video Recorder.

So which one is the better option?

There is no doubt that the technology has evolved significantly over recent years with newer, faster, sharper CCTV available now. IP CCTV is definitely worth spending the few extra pennies on in order to allow you to enjoy a safer, more secure recording process which will in turn provide you with better peace of mind that your home or business is secure. Here’s why;

Video Surveillance

♦  IP cameras are more efficient and produce a clearer image.

♦  Analog cameras require the installation of the (Digital Video Recorder) as well as the camera system so it can be more time consuming with lots of wires and the risk of short circuit.

♦  An IP camera is relatively easier to install and use.

♦  The IP camera allows the images to be sent directly to an IP address which means that effectively, the feed would be accessible to any part of the house or building where there is internet. This can go even further. For example, if you have a property in Germany, you would be able to watch the feed in any part of the world where there is internet.

♦  Analog CCTV feed can only be viewed from a monitor which connects to a DVR. It is possible to access the feed remotely through the DVR but it is not as efficient as IP cameras.

♦  The Network Video Recorder used to record the images of the IP system can also be used for storage and management of data for a remote location, employees, visitors and for the business.

♦  The NVR and IP cameras are more reliable and faster than current DVR based systems.

♦  The NVR systems allow for a longer video surveillance log than before.

♦  IP feed is also available for viewing from mobile devices such as a laptop or a smart phone. You even have the option of using an app to access it. All that is required is an internet connection

♦  With the higher quality of the IP cameras, comes a higher cost than the analog but for the reasons listed above, this is a justified expense.

♦  Analog is fast becoming a more dated technology and IP is the CCTV option of choice for many new installations.


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