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Colette Macie, Customer Relationship Manager Protech Solutions


  • Colette Macie     Customer Relationship Manager


  • 0844 209 6768     [email protected]


ColetteColette is the newest member of the Protech Team.

Colette’s background is in Account Management and Recruitment.

Colette says:

“Excellent customer service has always played a key part in my career; I love what I do and take great care in looking after my clients.

At home, I am a bit of a creative whirlwind – I love an arts and crafts box or getting out my paints, I’ll try and make anything and everything. Most recently fondant Dalmatians for my daughter’s birthday cake… I’m not sure they looked quite like Dalmatians though?

When my morning at work is done, I enjoy going home and spending the afternoon with my little girl. We’ll go to toddler groups, to the park to feed the ducks, or race the shopping trolley around the supermarket the wrong way – she thinks it’s really funny.

In the evenings I enjoy cooking dinner for the family, spending time with my partner and relaxing on the sofa before the madness begins again tomorrow.

We are really pleased to have Colette join our team and we look forward to exciting times ahead.